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Optimize Your Marketing Efforts with a Trade Show Prize Wheel

There’s nothing worse than attending a trade show that has the same old boring booths and tired décor and no hope for fun.  Why not jazz up your next trade show appearance with a trade show prize wheel and unique prizes that will have everyone talking?   A trade show wheel that is custom designed with your logo and colors won’t just make you stand out during the event, but it will make others remember you long after they have left the event as well.  It’s a great way to be memorable and to get others to take notice.

If you’ve ever attended any kind of trade show, then you likely remember a few key exhibitors who had a really cool giveaway or a unique contest that stuck out to you.  This year, why not make sure that your company is the one that sticks out in people’s minds by offering them something different and new?  Having a prize wheel to pull out at a trade show offers something different than the same old activities and promotional giveaways, and it’s sure to get you noticed.  When you throw in some bright colors, flashing lights and special touches like oversized wheels or tabletop sizes, prize wheels are truly entertaining.

Setting up and transporting a trade show prize wheel is just as easy as setting up any other type of display.  You can get a prize wheel that sets up with a wall mount and background, or one that works with a durable floor stand.  Add in a heavy-duty case for easy transport and installation at the trade show, and you’ll be ready to go.

It couldn’t easier to start injecting energy into your trade show appearances than by using a prize wheel to help people learn about your business while giving them the chance to win great prizes.  As an added bonus, when you go with something that is customized with your company logo, you’ll have something that is even more effective and more impactful on those who come to visit your booth.  It’s win-win for you and your visitors and is something that you’ll surely appreciate over time.