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New Technology: Add sound to your prize wheel

Sound UnitHere at SpinningDesigns, we are always designing and innovating the latest technology into our product line to give our customers the best chance in attracting new buyers to their own brand and products. We are now introducing the Motion-Detecting Sound Unit, our newest leap in entertainment technology! Jam-packed with on-board Wi-Fi and able to sync up to any speaker, including via Bluetooth, our Sound Unit can turn any spinning prize wheel into a thrilling, musical game of chance. Adding music to the spin of a prize wheel builds the excitement to a whole new level of fun, and the crowds truly love it!

This Sound Unit is sturdy, reliable, and super easy to use! It can be attached behind any wheel, no matter the size. You can even use it on our competitors wheels if you already have one. Drag and drop songs onto the devise via Wi-Fi from any laptop or Wi-Fi ready computer. Then choose which songs should play on spin, play on stop, or simply choose both! Upload over 30 songs and watch the people fill with joy when their favorite song plays next. The Sound Unit connects to speakers though a standard AUX port or via Bluetooth depending on the speaker you have. Once people hear your branded wheel playing music, your company will always stand out in their eyes!¬†Whether it’s having a 48 inch LED Prize Wheel playing music when spun or an enormous 96 inch Triple Wheel turning heads as people walk by, our products are made ensure your company stands out from the rest.