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Prize Wheel of the Week – FLG LACROSSE!

“For the Love of the Game”

Congratulations to FLG Lacrosse for being chosen as our Prize Wheel of the Week!

When FLG Lacrosse prepared for the upcoming convention, they decided a prize wheel was a back door shot!  What better way for supporters to win gifts and giveaways and make an impression!

But when we saw the final outcome of the 36” custom magnetic prize wheel FLG Lacrosse created with our graphic’s team, we made sure to snap a picture of their awesome work!   Their logo, “For the Love of the Game” really hit home here at SpinningDesigns, Inc. as well.  It really means a great deal to love that you’re doing…

…which lead me straight to look up their website and find out more about their organization!

36in For the Love of the Game

Check out their community service involvement, including how they walked to raise over $1,700.00 for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital! Hopefully in the future, our wheels will help them earn even more for their charities!

 FLG Lacrosse presents camps, clinics and teams which expand their students’ knowledge of the game through training, exposure to all styles of lacrosse, and teachings of the rules and regulations.  Endlessly supportive, they also provide SAT and ACT tutors for their students as well as create personal profiles for each and every player.

At SpinningDesigns, Inc., we fully understand the importance of a company working together to get a job done.  Each department performs their day to day tasks, each different but just as important, because that’s how a company becomes resourceful and successful.  FLG Lacrosse helps each of their students acquire the same values; being well-rounded and successful in all their endeavors.


Here is some more information about FLG Lacrosse and their upcoming events! 

FLG Lacrosse Mission Statement:

The For the Love of the Game (FLG Lacrosse) is committed to building well-rounded, student – athletes that excel on the field, in the classroom and in their communities. Through lacrosse, FLG teaches its members valuable skills, such as leadership, teamwork, friendship and a good work ethic, that are important in every aspect of life. FLG players are also taught the importance of giving back, partaking in various charity, Mentoring and Community Service. Since its inception in 2007, the FLG organization has successfully used lacrosse as a tool to build more than just athletes.

FLG in 3D – Maryland Tournament:

Two of the country’s premier lacrosse clubs have joined forces to present FLG in 3D Recruiting Tournaments (Summer & Fall Showcases). Top club teams from different regions of the country spend a weekend competing against each other in a high level tournament that includes coaches from Divisions I, II and III, All-Star Games in each division, vendor village – all in a quality tournament set in beautiful surroundings.

We are very proud to have been chosen by FLG Lacrosse to create their one-of-a-kind custom magnetic prize wheel.  Spinning Designs, Inc. wished them luck in all their future endeavors!