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World News: Global Spinning Reported as Wheels Ship Across the Earth


Here at Spinning Designs, located in New Jersey, USA, we have one question that is asked almost daily:

“Do you ship your wheels to (INSERT COUNTY HERE)?”

The answer is ABSOLUTELY!  We can ship anywhere in the world.  In fact, we have!

There are Spinning Designs prize wheels in six out of seven continents (and as soon as someone in Antarctica needs a promotional wheel, we’ll ship it there too!)  Plus, our shipping experts will go out of their way to find the best method of shipping to match your needs and budget.

We know that when shopping internationally, between the costs and the regulations, it can be quite a hassle and sometimes very expensive.  We know that maintaining a budget is important in every event.  With these aspects in mind, we’ve educated ourselves through experience and communication on all aspects of getting your wheel from us to you as efficiently as possible.

Every country is different including variations in documentation, pallet size regulations, weights and even the type of wood used to build crates.  Was this shipment fumigated?  Do you have exactly six copies of your commercial invoice?? Where is your Free Trade Act Agreement paperwork???

A tad bit overwhelming for a novice?  Sure.  But for shipping veterans like us, consider it done.

When you purchase a wheel through Spinning Designs, you can count on years of experience working with international shipping, contact with the best shipping representatives in the world and a knowledgeable staff who knows exactly what needs to be done.

In most cases, you won’t have to even think about your

shipments until you get the call to confirm delivery!

Our goal is to get the highest-quality prize wheel to your location quickly, safely and with as little fret to you as possible.  This way, you can plan your event with ease and have a great time once it arrives!

ShippingBlogFor example, we have tabletop prize wheels all across Australia and the southeast hemisphere.  One such company, Cosmic Ticketing, has several locations throughout New Zealand which we have furnished with our wheels for promotional purposes.  They are so effective in bringing in customers that they requested one for each branch.

Not only do our wheels bring in business, but they’re fun for employees and patrons alike!   They are handy enough to sit on your glass counter tops for individual sales purposes or sturdy enough to travel from location to location.  Whatever your needs, a tabletop prize wheel is a limitless addition to your business.

Call us anytime to chat about shipping prices.  With no obligation, we’ll let you know before you order the shipping costs for whatever sizes you’re thinking about and your location.


WANT TO ORDER IN BULK??Windows Familysm

You want to order 1,000 wheels for every franchise in the company? No problem!  Our people can get you great freight rates by air, sea or a comparison of both!  There are also express freight options as well to get your large order there fast. 

We make large shipments overseas as hassle-free as possible for you and your company! 

**ALSO, when you place a multiple order, you can qualify for a quantity discount.**

Call us for a full quote and more information!