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How to Wow Your Customers with Custom LED Lighted Prize Wheels

Are you tired of doing the same old routine at every tradeshow and are looking for a new way to draw customers in?   If you are like most salespeople, then you’ve probably got the whole process down by now and are set in your routine.  You’ve got the outdated brochures on the table, the cheap pens with your logo and your worn out booth that does nothing to draw attention.  Isn’t it time to wow your customers and draw them in in with a custom LED lighted prize wheel and some great prizes?

Prize wheels have been around for a long time with great success, however, the latest models are nothing like they used to be.  It’s hard to find something for a trade show that gets attention more than a largely, brightly lit LED prize wheel that is customized with your logo and colors.  Instead of walking right by your boring same-old marketing materials, a prize wheel can bring a level of excitement to your company in a way that nothing else can.  You don’t have to spend a lot on prizes, and you’ll be giving potential clients and customers a memorable experience, which is a big positive for your business.

One of the best things about LED prize wheels is that they are incredibly versatile and can be programmed to include any type of message, making it easy to reuse them over and over again.  When you need something unique, fun and exciting for your next trade show, an LED prize wheel makes it easy to get your message across in a big way.  Simply give people raffle tickets or have them donate to a local charity for a chance to play, and let them take a spin on the game-show style prize wheel.   The thrill of the play and the excitement that it generates will definitely have people coming by to see what you’ve got to offer.

Don’t let you next trade show go by without taking full advantage of your marketing options.  Instead of wasting money on the same brochures and printed collateral, invest your marketing budget in a new LED prize wheel and some fun and memorable prizes.  Trade show attendees will appreciate and remember your creativity, while you’ll be able to take advantage of the increased exposure.