Tips for Incorporating Spin Prize Wheels at your Next Fundraiser

Are you looking for ways to make more money at your next fundraiser?  Consider adding a customized spin prize wheel to your lineup of entertainment at your next charity event, and you’ll see for yourself just how much fun it can be.

Prize wheels are great for fundraisers because they get people excited and can often get people donating more money to your cause.  Perfect for schools, charities and non-profits, prize wheels can be used at just about any type of event and can be as big or as small as you need them to be.  There are large, floor-standing models for large events and smaller tabletop designs for smaller, low-key affairs.

No matter which type of prize wheel you choose, invest in something that you can use over and over again.  A whiteboard prize wheel is one option that can work really well for those who have limited budgets yet many different events throughout the year, and there are customizable wheels available in all colors and sizes for those who have a little more money to spend.

Perhaps the most important thing about using a spin prize wheel at your fundraiser is to remember to get some great prizes to use as rewards!  Ask around in your community for prizes to be donated or place an ad in your local paper or on the radio calling for donations.  In many cases, you can get most or even all of the prizes donated so that any money that is used to purchase spins on the wheel can go directly to your cause.  It’s a great way to save time, generate more money and reward your patrons all at once.

Getting Your Message Out with Fun Trade Show Giveaways

For many people, trade shows mean one thing:  great freebies and promotional items!  While trade shows are ultimately about networking and getting your message out to potential customers, they are also known for having lots of free promo items available.  As companies compete to get noticed, it can be difficult to come up with something that will make your company stand out when it comes to giveaways for trade shows.  What you need is something that is entertaining enough to draw customers in and memorable enough to keep them from forgetting you after they leave.  Fun trade show giveaways branded with your logo or personal message or a great way to do this.

Using a customized prize wheel in your trade show booth can be a truly effective way to get attention, but it’s important that you have some good prizes to go along with it in order to keep people interested in your product or service.  Trade show freebies that are customized with your own logo and colors are the perfect item to give away with your prize wheel.  Personalized computer bags, travel kits and USB sticks are just a few of the items that can make a big splash at a trade show.

One good strategy for trade show giveaways is to have an assortment of smaller items, such as pens, stickers and key chains that you can give out to everyone, and then reserve the higher ticket items to be given away using the prize wheel.  This way, you can draw attention to your booth and hopefully win some new fans by having a fun contest where people compete for prizes by spinning the wheel.

The great thing about trade shows is that you can quickly and easily reach people who are likely in your target market and get them in the door with a great sales pitch and fun giveaway.   It’s a smart way to build new business relationships and get the word out about your company, and it can be a smart way to develop your business.

Dry Erase Prize Wheels: Perfect for Business and Pleasure

A dry erase prize wheel might seem like an odd marketing tool, but it is a good idea for practically any business or non-profit that wants to attract attention. A dry erase prize wheel can be a central part of a business’ marketing displays. These displays are often set up at trade expos, career fairs or public outreach events.

Instead of simply watching potential clients walk by a booth or swipe giveaways from a company, prize wheels give them a reason to stop and learn more about a company or charity. In exchange for waiting and listening to a presentation, customers get the chance to win a prize. Because the board is dry erase, however, a company or charity does not have to worry about using the same prizes year after year.

In fact, a dry erase prize wheel makes a lot of sense for any group that frequently changes their marketing strategies or visits a variety of venues. At a high-level, professional gathering, the value of prizes that are given away can be expensive enough to attract executives and high-dollar clients. At a general public event, however, prizes can be easily changed to attract families with children or retired couples.

Of course, another obvious advantage is that prizes can be changed to reflect a company or charity’s current marketing budget. As budgets shrink and grow, dollar amounts of cash give-a-ways and the total value of physical prizes can easily be changed. As the company or charity’s logo and branding change, the prize wheel can be updated without contracting with a professional print service, yet it will still look professional.

Prize wheels are relatively inexpensive, yet they have been known to attract thousands of people at industry and public events. They can be a great addition to any marketing strategy.


Tips for Making Your Wheel Stand Out at Your Next Trade Show

tradeshowWhen you’re at a trade show, your #1 priority is to attract people to your booth.  A promotional prize wheel is a great way to attract people to your booth, but if you’re going to be sharing the floor with other booths that also have prize wheels you’re going to have to think of a way to make yours stand out.  If you want to make sure that your prize wheel is a fan favorite at your next show, follow these simple tips.

Decorate It

If you want to have people lining up to spin your prize wheel at your booth, you’re going to need to have a game that people will want to play.  There are a variety of ways you can spice up your prize wheel to make it look more eye-catching.  With fun section counts, special sections and an infinite number of color combos, make your wheel unique!

Light It

Draw even more attention to your booth with dazzling LED lights!  Some people may have lights, but they only turn on when the wheel is spun.  Others have lights that stay continuously lit.  Our LED lights come in a rainbow of colors and can even light up with different patterns.  Available in both battery powered and AC adaptable, there’s nothing to bring more attention to your booth than a light show on your promotional prize wheel.

Brand It

The beauty of Spinning Designs prize wheels is that our customers can customize them practically any way they prefer.  You can make wheels that have your company logo on them, company colors, company mascot, and anything you desire.  Branded wheels don’t just look fantastic, they also help the wheels look more professional and official.  As long as the text and pictures can fit, we’ll add it to your wheel.

Dry Erase Prize Wheels: Versatility at its Finest

Who doesn’t love a spinning a prize wheel?  Carnival games with wheels are always a big draw and kids seem to go absolutely crazy at any arcade equipped with prize wheels.  Despite the general popularity of the prize wheel, some people may think that prize wheel games have been done to death.  If you want to add some excitement to your prize wheel shenanigans, the simple addition of a dry erase prize wheel could help you substantially.  A dry erase prize wheel is flexible, fun and a major appeal to anyone trying to draw attention to their cause.

For Educators

Teachers looking to spice up their classrooms could make a wheel their new, innovative student call-on tool.  Instead of waiting for hands to slowly rise to volunteer to do the next math problem, simply write your student’s names on your wheel and give it a spin.  After adding the wheel, don’t be surprised if you see an increase in overall student class participation.  Kids will appreciate the small change to their routine and could find the wheel a fun new classroom addition.

For Entrepreneurs

Consumers love sales and deals, but people are sick of e-mail offers and GroupOn deals.  Get a dry erase prize wheel for your store and keep it near your check out area.   Fill the empty wedges with 20% off, buy 1 get 1 free, store credit, and other customer deals, then ask your customers to give the wheel a spin after their items are rung up.  If you feel like having a little fun with your customers, add some different unique customer feedback options to your check out wheel.  Instead of winning discounts you can request their opinions on your merchandise or your customer service.

For Organizers

Are you the parent who plans their child’s birthday party to the minute?  The invites are out, the favors are bought and you’re ready a month before your little one’s big day.  Whether to fill a gap before presents or to try something new, a dry erase prize wheel is the icing on the cake.  Make up a new game, win party prizes or be adventurous and spin to see what will be the next party game.   A dry erase prize wheel is versatile and flexible enough to use year after year regardless of your child’s age.



Spin the Wheel Games are Just as Fun at Home as on the Boardwalk

One quick tug on the wheel of a Spin the Wheel game, and the suspense – and fun – begins. Spaces marking big prizes, and a few not-so-big prizes, all roll by. Clicks gradually become further apart as the wheel slows. Players cannot help but smile with anticipation as they wonder where the clicker will land when the wheel finally comes to a stop. Many families experience this excitement at their local summer carnival or on the boardwalk of a nearby beach town, but the fun doesn’t have to stop there. Why not get your very own version for home?

A spinning wheel can be used around the house to determine the genre for a weekly movie night, what board game to play on a rainy afternoon, or who chooses the restaurant for Sunday lunch. With our Spin the Wheel games, families can have their very own wheel that will do just that.

image of prize wheel

Just like the “Spin the Wheel” games that families love to play on the boardwalk, custom prize wheels can be ordered for home use. Any type of prize or task can easily be written, placed, or printed into the wheel’s open panels.


Families who want a wheel with a single purpose, such as choosing a child’s reward for chores done well, can select a pre-printed model. When ordering, customers select each element – text, color, style, images, and theme – to suit their needs and taste. Therefore, football enthusiasts can have the colors of their favorite college team, science fiction fans can have an image of outer space as a backdrop, and parents can make a chore-free day one of the prizes.  You can even place a family photo in the center logo area if that’s what you want!

Some customers may want more versatility than our printed models offer. For them, we have models that feature dry erase boards and magnetic frames for using different inserts, making changing text and switching illustrations easy. Customers print the graphics they want from their home computer. The frames are even strong enough to hold gift cards or Blu-Rays!  With that versatility available, the same Spin the Wheel game that sports a superhero or princess theme for a child’s birthday party one day can be adapted for a neighborhood backyard barbecue or baby shower later.

With so many possible uses, our customers can incorporate their wheel into just about any lifestyle. No matter how they use it, they’ll create fun and fond memories with every spin.

Fun Facts About America’s Favorite Prize Wheel

wheeloffortunePeople like to use prize wheels because they’re a fun way to spice up events, but it may be safe to say that people wouldn’t like prize wheels half as much as they do if wasn’t for a certain game show.  Wheel of Fortune is one of the longest running primetime series in history, and after over three decades on the air they’re still going on strong.  People have been watching the wheel for years, but even the show’s biggest fans may not know some of these facts.

Statistics and Amounts

Since Wheel of Fortune made its syndication debut in 1983 the show has given out more than $200 million in cash and prizes.  The luckiest contestant on the show was Michelle Loewenstein.  In 2008 Lowenstein won $1 million in the show’s bonus round, and when the show was over she had earned $1,026,080 in cash and prizes.  Thanks to an international broadcasting license and formatting rights, Wheel of Fortune has been locally produced in 45 territories and countries.   On average over 10,000 people audition to be on the show every year, but only 600 of those who try will make it on the show.


A lot of work went into the creation of what may be the world’s most recognizable prize wheels.  The wheel has over 200 computerized lighting instruments that can create up to 2 million different color choices.  It has 73 stainless steel pins and three hard rubber flippers that help make the wheel’s characteristic sounds.  The 100 behind the scenes staff and crew workers have a lot of work to do when the show tapes in different locations.  Wheel of Fortune only has one puzzle board and one wheel, and both need to be dismantled and reassembled whenever the show goes on the road.


Engage Your Audience with a Promotional Prize Wheel

Introducing a new product in your store is a pivotal time for any business. It’s important for the debuting product to garner interest, but attracting customers isn’t always easy. A quick glance isn’t likely to prompt someone to purchase, so attracting enough attention to cause shoppers to stop and examine your product is essential. A promotional prize wheel is an excellent tool for drawing attention and encouraging customer interaction.

Our promotional prize wheel designs include a number of colors and features that can be used to get your message across. Graphics can be customized, and magnetic wheels are great for facilitating frequent changes. Lighted wheel designs provide extra flair for the business that is located in an upbeat environment. They are also great for tradeshows or other venues where there is a lot of competition for customers’ attention.

The selection of a promotional prize wheel for special events is often associated with contests and giveaways. While this is an excellent use of the tool, there are other applications. The movement of the wheel is great for attracting interest. Use it to feature benefits of a new product or service, spinning at various points in a presentation to select the next highlight to explain. It’s also possible to use this presentation prop to point out the scope of the audience that will benefit from receiving your product as a gift.

The spin to win concept is fun, and providing prospective customers with a spin on a promotional prize wheel upon completion of a purchase can elicit even more sales. Prizes may range from simple items like pens and t-shirts to luxury options, such as gift cards and vacations. Make the most of the opportunity to debut a new product successfully by engaging those who might otherwise walk away.

Make an Impression with Game Wheels

Trade shows provide an exciting environment for attracting attention and promoting products and services. With so many booths vying for the attention of the audience, it can be difficult to make your business stand apart. When drawing attendees to your space is important, how you decorate your booth can make all the difference. It’s why companies trust our game wheels to provide the light and movement that engages the masses.

Many exhibitors at major trade events use simple promotional products to increase brand recognition. At the end of a show, though, a collection of pens and pencils isn’t all that impressive for bringing a company’s concept back to mind. Specific interactions, conversations and activities are more likely to make an impression, providing context for promotional mementos to provoke further action. Whether you are selling a product or promoting a service, interaction at a show can improve follow-up by those who visit your display. Using game wheels to create an interesting presentation will leave an impression and provide you with the opportunity to expound on your concept.

While game wheels tend to be connected with the awarding of prizes or random selection of promotional goods, creative displayers can use the devices to produce a number of educational presentations. The concept of a pie chart is familiar, and most observers will relate to percentages that are demonstrated on a wheel. Spin to determine the next talking point in the list of benefits of a product. Demonstrate the importance of a service by using a wheel to picture relevant statistics. A spinner can be more than a prop; it can be a means for providing a strong visual example of key business points.

There are several options to consider when choosing the best wheel for your needs. For example, we have a variety of lighted wheels that will provide a bit of glitz to your booth. Colorful game wheels are also great for attracting attention. No matter what wheel you choose, the content on a spinner can be customized to meet your promotional needs. Dry erase designs enable displayers to change information based on the context of the trade show. It’s important to select a model that will tastefully draw attention in a manner consistent with the crowd that will attend. Long-term use makes the purchase of a promotional spinner an excellent business investment.

Spin Your way to Better Marketing

You’re meeting with your marketing department about your upcoming event.  What’s your angle this year?  How are you planning to make your business stand out more than the rest?  What’s your edge?

The new Marketing Intern clears his throat and squeaks out, “How about a tabletop prize wheel?”

“How would a tabletop prize wheel help promote our business?” asks his boss.

“First of all,” he begins, “you can set it up so that only customers purchasing a product or service can spin — or you can allow anyone to take part or perhaps only people who fill out surveys or provide contact information. If you allow anyone to spin, it’s possible that someone who wasn’t interested in a product or service might be swayed by the discount offer they win.


But wait; there’s more!


The Discount Wheel

By offering customers the chance to spin for a discount, everyone comes out ahead. The customer gets a reasonable markdown, and you wind up creating a fun experience for them, usually resulting in repeat business.


Win a Prize

If you don’t want to offer discounts, simply have the customer spin the tabletop wheel to receive one of a variety of prizes, ranging from inexpensive pens to brand-marketed calendars and knick-knacks.


The Virtual Wheel

By setting up a webcam on your tabletop prize wheel, you can even offer online customers the chance to see you spin the wheel so that they can receive a discount or prize.


Buy One, Get One Offers

Another way to increase sales is by using the prize wheel to offer a “Buy One, Get One” deal. In this manner, customers will often buy more than they originally intended, especially if they are given something for free or at a significant discount.


Pick a Number

Some prize wheels have only numbers on them. Customers spin the wheel, and if the wheel lands on a number that matches a certain item, such as a birthday or current date, an additional discount is offered.


With these and many other offers, businesses that are looking to capitalize on the excitement of the game can ensure attention for their products and services. Given a fun draw like a tabletop prize wheel to entertain and reward them, people who might otherwise have shown little interest in your company can become loyal customers.

With fresh and original ideas like this, looks like someone’s getting the job!