Spinning Wheels are a Great Marketing Tool

Spinning wheels are commonly associated with gambling opportunities. They are frequently found at bull roasts, county fairs and other charity cookout events and are also found in casinos. In each of these occasions, the customers are gambling to win money. Smart business owners should not ignore the opportunity to use wheels, dismissing them just because gambling may be illegal in their states. There are many different ways to use these spinning wheels that are legal. When used effectively, a spinning wheel can be used to attract new customers, reward existing customers and even reward children who visit your business.

You can increase your customer base by placing a spinning wheel outside of your business. The sound of the wheel clicking itself will attract attention. On the wheel, label spaces with various discounts ranging from percentages off merchandise to gift cards. Allow each potential customer to spin the wheel once. Another way to use the spinning wheel is to reward your current customers: for each purchase a customer makes, let them spin the wheel once. You can even create several wheels, some with more lucrative prizes for customers spending higher amounts of money in the store.

Don’t leave your youngest customers out of the fun. Children love to play games. The lure of a game might encourage children to bring their parents over to allow them to play. Businesses such as fast food restaurants and toy stores can frequently take advantage of the lure the spinning wheel has for children. The chance to get a prize without losing anything appeals to a wide variety of customer age groups. Take advantage of this and pull your potential customers away from your opposition by placing a spinning wheel outside your place of business.


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