Spinning Wheels are a Unique Way to Have Fun

What is it about a spinning wheel that draws attention? Is it the long-running game shows like Wheel of Fortune or The Price is Right that feature fabulous prizes based on the spin of a wheel? It could be Roulette games promising fortunes if the wheel lands in your favor, or just the simplicity of a game that depends on a single spin. It’s easy to understand the rules behind a spinning game, and it feels much more balanced than scratch cards or a lottery. Perhaps it’s even the way in which wheels have always symbolized movement, continuity and prosperity.
No matter what the reasoning behind the attraction, it exists. Why not take advantage of this attraction at your next trade show or event? A large spinning wheel can grab attention from a long way away, and a good hard spin can give you the opportunity to spin out your sales pitch or spin the story of your company. Winning a small item will cause the winner to treasure it more than just grabbing a take-away from your table, and if you attract a crowd with the spinning, it gives you a lot more time for them to see and appreciate your product offerings. So give us a spin.

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