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The Top Uses for Spin Prize Wheels

Spin prize wheels have been around for years and for good reason:  they are an easy and safe way to have fun!  Today’s prize wheels aren’t just built for game shows, however, they are designed to help motivate employees, drum up excitement at events, or to create enthusiasm and raise money at a fundraiser or charity event.  They are popular choices for these and other types of events because they are easy to set up and transport from place to place, and they are always guaranteed to provide tons of fun no matter where you take them.

One of the most popular ways to use spin prize wheels is for school fundraisers.  Students can sell tickets to other students, parents and members of the community to “win” a spin, and by getting local businesses to donate the prizes, all the money they earn can be put back into school programs.  It’s a great way to earn money for band trips, new sports equipment and special events.  Spin prize wheels are also great for charity events, auctions, bingo nights and other events where big groups need to be entertained and where there is the chance to make some money for a good cause.

Prize wheels are also often used at sales events and at trade shows, where everyone is always vying to have the latest and greatest marketing materials and promo items.  Nothing can make a crowd gather faster than a brightly light prize wheel and the chance to win some great prizes.  Having a few high-ticket items, such as an iPad or a big gift card, is just one way to increase enthusiasm at your event and is an easy way to get some valuable exposure for your business.

No matter how you use your prize, you can rest assured that it will be something that everyone can enjoy.  Prize wheels don’t require any special skills or specific educational level to play and they can be enjoyed by people of all ages, shapes and sizes.

World News: Global Spinning Reported as Wheels Ship Across the Earth


Here at Spinning Designs, located in New Jersey, USA, we have one question that is asked almost daily:

“Do you ship your wheels to (INSERT COUNTY HERE)?”

The answer is ABSOLUTELY!  We can ship anywhere in the world.  In fact, we have!

There are Spinning Designs prize wheels in six out of seven continents (and as soon as someone in Antarctica needs a promotional wheel, we’ll ship it there too!)  Plus, our shipping experts will go out of their way to find the best method of shipping to match your needs and budget.

We know that when shopping internationally, between the costs and the regulations, it can be quite a hassle and sometimes very expensive.  We know that maintaining a budget is important in every event.  With these aspects in mind, we’ve educated ourselves through experience and communication on all aspects of getting your wheel from us to you as efficiently as possible.

Every country is different including variations in documentation, pallet size regulations, weights and even the type of wood used to build crates.  Was this shipment fumigated?  Do you have exactly six copies of your commercial invoice?? Where is your Free Trade Act Agreement paperwork???

A tad bit overwhelming for a novice?  Sure.  But for shipping veterans like us, consider it done.

When you purchase a wheel through Spinning Designs, you can count on years of experience working with international shipping, contact with the best shipping representatives in the world and a knowledgeable staff who knows exactly what needs to be done.

In most cases, you won’t have to even think about your

shipments until you get the call to confirm delivery!

Our goal is to get the highest-quality prize wheel to your location quickly, safely and with as little fret to you as possible.  This way, you can plan your event with ease and have a great time once it arrives!

ShippingBlogFor example, we have tabletop prize wheels all across Australia and the southeast hemisphere.  One such company, Cosmic Ticketing, has several locations throughout New Zealand which we have furnished with our wheels for promotional purposes.  They are so effective in bringing in customers that they requested one for each branch.

Not only do our wheels bring in business, but they’re fun for employees and patrons alike!   They are handy enough to sit on your glass counter tops for individual sales purposes or sturdy enough to travel from location to location.  Whatever your needs, a tabletop prize wheel is a limitless addition to your business.

Call us anytime to chat about shipping prices.  With no obligation, we’ll let you know before you order the shipping costs for whatever sizes you’re thinking about and your location.


WANT TO ORDER IN BULK??Windows Familysm

You want to order 1,000 wheels for every franchise in the company? No problem!  Our people can get you great freight rates by air, sea or a comparison of both!  There are also express freight options as well to get your large order there fast. 

We make large shipments overseas as hassle-free as possible for you and your company! 

**ALSO, when you place a multiple order, you can qualify for a quantity discount.**

Call us for a full quote and more information! 


Game Wheels, Money Wheels & More: How to Make Your Next Party Special

Party planning is no easy task when you are trying to look for something new and innovative in the area of entertainment.  There are always some new trends to take advantage of when it comes to entertaining your guests, but sometimes it’s the old-fashioned things that end up doing the trick better than anything else you could provide.  Game wheels, money wheels and all of the fun accessories that go along with them can provide everything you need to create a memorable and entertaining experience and they may be just what you need to liven up your guests.

If your friends are tired of the same old party with drinks and apps, then why not spice up their next evening at your house with a night of casino games and festive themed drinks!  Create a cocktail party centered around a poker theme, by creating a casino floor in your home, complete with a prize wheel and game table.  Set up a few areas for seating and snacking, and turn on some lively music.  With just a few decorations and the right lighting, your party area can instantly be transformed into an exciting Vegas-style retreat.

It’s a fact that everyone loves to win a prize, and being at a party makes winning it all the more fun.  Try setting up a game wheel the next time you are planning a birthday party or bridal shower celebration and notice how easy it is to get everyone involved.  You’ll be surprised at how much energy and fun prize wheels can generate, and as an added bonus, you don’t need to have a ton of expensive prizes to make these types of games and giveaways fun.  Some simple yet creative prizes are typically all that you need to keep your guests involved and having a great time, and it definitely helps to create a party that they will never forget.

Optimize Your Marketing Efforts with a Trade Show Prize Wheel

There’s nothing worse than attending a trade show that has the same old boring booths and tired décor and no hope for fun.  Why not jazz up your next trade show appearance with a trade show prize wheel and unique prizes that will have everyone talking?   A trade show wheel that is custom designed with your logo and colors won’t just make you stand out during the event, but it will make others remember you long after they have left the event as well.  It’s a great way to be memorable and to get others to take notice.

If you’ve ever attended any kind of trade show, then you likely remember a few key exhibitors who had a really cool giveaway or a unique contest that stuck out to you.  This year, why not make sure that your company is the one that sticks out in people’s minds by offering them something different and new?  Having a prize wheel to pull out at a trade show offers something different than the same old activities and promotional giveaways, and it’s sure to get you noticed.  When you throw in some bright colors, flashing lights and special touches like oversized wheels or tabletop sizes, prize wheels are truly entertaining.

Setting up and transporting a trade show prize wheel is just as easy as setting up any other type of display.  You can get a prize wheel that sets up with a wall mount and background, or one that works with a durable floor stand.  Add in a heavy-duty case for easy transport and installation at the trade show, and you’ll be ready to go.

It couldn’t easier to start injecting energy into your trade show appearances than by using a prize wheel to help people learn about your business while giving them the chance to win great prizes.  As an added bonus, when you go with something that is customized with your company logo, you’ll have something that is even more effective and more impactful on those who come to visit your booth.  It’s win-win for you and your visitors and is something that you’ll surely appreciate over time.