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Getting Your Message Out with Fun Trade Show Giveaways

For many people, trade shows mean one thing:  great freebies and promotional items!  While trade shows are ultimately about networking and getting your message out to potential customers, they are also known for having lots of free promo items available.  As companies compete to get noticed, it can be difficult to come up with something that will make your company stand out when it comes to giveaways for trade shows.  What you need is something that is entertaining enough to draw customers in and memorable enough to keep them from forgetting you after they leave.  Fun trade show giveaways branded with your logo or personal message or a great way to do this.

Using a customized prize wheel in your trade show booth can be a truly effective way to get attention, but it’s important that you have some good prizes to go along with it in order to keep people interested in your product or service.  Trade show freebies that are customized with your own logo and colors are the perfect item to give away with your prize wheel.  Personalized computer bags, travel kits and USB sticks are just a few of the items that can make a big splash at a trade show.

One good strategy for trade show giveaways is to have an assortment of smaller items, such as pens, stickers and key chains that you can give out to everyone, and then reserve the higher ticket items to be given away using the prize wheel.  This way, you can draw attention to your booth and hopefully win some new fans by having a fun contest where people compete for prizes by spinning the wheel.

The great thing about trade shows is that you can quickly and easily reach people who are likely in your target market and get them in the door with a great sales pitch and fun giveaway.   It’s a smart way to build new business relationships and get the word out about your company, and it can be a smart way to develop your business.