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Dry Erase Prize Wheels: Perfect for Business and Pleasure

A dry erase prize wheel might seem like an odd marketing tool, but it is a good idea for practically any business or non-profit that wants to attract attention. A dry erase prize wheel can be a central part of a business’ marketing displays. These displays are often set up at trade expos, career fairs or public outreach events.

Instead of simply watching potential clients walk by a booth or swipe giveaways from a company, prize wheels give them a reason to stop and learn more about a company or charity. In exchange for waiting and listening to a presentation, customers get the chance to win a prize. Because the board is dry erase, however, a company or charity does not have to worry about using the same prizes year after year.

In fact, a dry erase prize wheel makes a lot of sense for any group that frequently changes their marketing strategies or visits a variety of venues. At a high-level, professional gathering, the value of prizes that are given away can be expensive enough to attract executives and high-dollar clients. At a general public event, however, prizes can be easily changed to attract families with children or retired couples.

Of course, another obvious advantage is that prizes can be changed to reflect a company or charity’s current marketing budget. As budgets shrink and grow, dollar amounts of cash give-a-ways and the total value of physical prizes can easily be changed. As the company or charity’s logo and branding change, the prize wheel can be updated without contracting with a professional print service, yet it will still look professional.

Prize wheels are relatively inexpensive, yet they have been known to attract thousands of people at industry and public events. They can be a great addition to any marketing strategy.