Monthly Archives: February 2013

Spin Your way to Better Marketing

You’re meeting with your marketing department about your upcoming event.  What’s your angle this year?  How are you planning to make your business stand out more than the rest?  What’s your edge?

The new Marketing Intern clears his throat and squeaks out, “How about a tabletop prize wheel?”

“How would a tabletop prize wheel help promote our business?” asks his boss.

“First of all,” he begins, “you can set it up so that only customers purchasing a product or service can spin — or you can allow anyone to take part or perhaps only people who fill out surveys or provide contact information. If you allow anyone to spin, it’s possible that someone who wasn’t interested in a product or service might be swayed by the discount offer they win.


But wait; there’s more!


The Discount Wheel

By offering customers the chance to spin for a discount, everyone comes out ahead. The customer gets a reasonable markdown, and you wind up creating a fun experience for them, usually resulting in repeat business.


Win a Prize

If you don’t want to offer discounts, simply have the customer spin the tabletop wheel to receive one of a variety of prizes, ranging from inexpensive pens to brand-marketed calendars and knick-knacks.


The Virtual Wheel

By setting up a webcam on your tabletop prize wheel, you can even offer online customers the chance to see you spin the wheel so that they can receive a discount or prize.


Buy One, Get One Offers

Another way to increase sales is by using the prize wheel to offer a “Buy One, Get One” deal. In this manner, customers will often buy more than they originally intended, especially if they are given something for free or at a significant discount.


Pick a Number

Some prize wheels have only numbers on them. Customers spin the wheel, and if the wheel lands on a number that matches a certain item, such as a birthday or current date, an additional discount is offered.


With these and many other offers, businesses that are looking to capitalize on the excitement of the game can ensure attention for their products and services. Given a fun draw like a tabletop prize wheel to entertain and reward them, people who might otherwise have shown little interest in your company can become loyal customers.

With fresh and original ideas like this, looks like someone’s getting the job!