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Attract a Crowd at Your Trade Show with a Tabletop Prize Wheel

If you are planning to rent a space at your next industry trade show, it is important to make your booth stand out among the rest. Trade shows are very popular events for companies who want to promote a new product, increase brand recognition, and connect with clients and other businesses in their industry, but creating a booth that stands out among the rest can be a very expensive task if you are not creative. With so many different approaches to take, you might be tempted into renting projectors, computers, and all types of different technologically-advanced tools to stand out. Rather than spend money on expensive gadgets that may not attract customers, why not use a tabletop prize wheel?

Get the Attention You Deserve at Your Next Trade Show Event

There is no denying that people enjoy playing games when there is a prize to be won. When there are dozens and dozens of different companies all competing for attention at an event, why not give people what they want? Customers will be excited to visit your booth, hear what you have to say, and try their turn at spinning a prize wheel in exchange for their time. Prize wheels are interactive tools that everyone can enjoy. They offer you a creative opportunity to interact face-to-face with your potential customers and are sure to capture the attention of a large crowd in a trade show.

Designing your booth is not all fun and games–it takes a lot of planning and can be a huge responsibility when you are not creative or prepared. If you want to draw attention to your booth and build brand recognition, invest in a tabletop prize wheel that is portable and fun. At Spinning Designs, we offer a wide selection of prize wheels to suit any need or budget.

Don’t invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in expensive attractions that will not win people over. Choose our prize wheels and get the response you need to earn a return on your trade show investment.

Promote Your Restaurant or Bar with a Dry Erase Prize Wheel

Running a bar or restaurant is one of the most rewarding and difficult things that you will ever do. Those that have worked in the food industry for a number of years will know that patrons are finicky creatures. People tend to visit bars and restaurants that they are familiar with and where they feel comfortable. Opening a new restaurant is a tricky thing because customers might want to wait until they see how others feel before trying it out for themselves. Hosting promotional events is one of the easiest ways to get new customers through the door.

Everyone likes free stuff, even if the items are basic and simple; people get excited when a company gives out key chains or when their doctor hands them a free pen and the same thing applies to bars and restaurants. People with experience in the industry know how hard it is for people to turn down a discount or giveaway. One easy way to launch a promotion is to use a dry erase spinning prize wheel. The wheel has colored spaces where you can feature different prizes. When you need to change the promotion in the future, simply wipe off the erasable marker and start again.

Let’s say that you run a restaurant. You can use the prize wheel to offer discounts to your customers. One space might give the spinner a free meal, another treats them to a free dessert, and a third space offers a free appetizer. You can also skip the free prizes and instead offer discounts like buy one meal, get one at half price. Some restaurants find that using a mixture of free prizes and discounts is the best way to increase sales.

Those who own or run a bar can also use one of these devices. Who wouldn’t love to walk into a bar and get the chance to win a free drink? Using a mixture of prizes will increase the number of customers inside the bar even more. Patrons might win a free drink, a small gift certificate to the bar or promotional items like a shot or pub glass. Everyone who hears about the promotion will want to come in and give the wheel a spin.

A dry erase prize wheel is the perfect way for bars and restaurants to attract customers. With a promotional wheel, patrons will want to come into your establishment and, moreover, they’ll want to come back!