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Prize Wheels Can Accomplish Anything!

Whether you’re looking to promote your business or are throwing a carnival night at the local school, it is important to have different ways to engage onlookers and bring them closer to your activity. When you are giving away items and want the people to generate interest in the products you are giving away, possibly the best way to go about doing this is with a prize wheel.

Prize wheels are similar to the large ones you’ll see on a game show, and there is different information on the individual spaces of the wheel. After the wheel is spun, the arrow will point to a specific prize or object, showcasing what the player has won. When putting on your own game, you will want to be able to highlight specific information, which is why it’s a great idea to purchase a customizable prize wheel for such an event.

With the prize wheel, you’re able to insert your own graphics so that, whether you are giving away a $5 gift card or a trip to the Bahamas, it is possible to display that information right on the slot. With this type of wheel, you can handwrite all information or print the content and insert it into the desired space. No matter what you’re looking for or what kind of material you’re looking to give away, you can showcase on the game wheel.

When you want an energetic and engaging wheel, there are lighted options that bring the glitz of Vegas right to your own game. There are even giant wheels, stretching all the way up to 96-inches in diameter, so that no matter what you want to have on display, it is possible to showcase it for the entire group to see. If you don’t have the space for a humongous structure, a tabletop wheel can attract attention and be easy to transport and set up.

Whatever the purpose of your promotion, whether it is a booth at a fair or a giveaway in a store, you can attract the attention you want with the right prize wheel. Check out your options and purchase the one that suits your needs the best!



Promoting your Business with Game Wheels

One of the things most businesses are looking for these days are new and different ways to market their products or services. The roulette wheel is something that has been popular with people since 18th century France. Though, it has changed quite a bit since then, the thrill and anticipation of winning has made roulette a popular game to play. Wouldn’t many business owners want to provide their customers with the opportunity to experience the thrill and excitement of playing a roulette wheel, while at the same time promoting their companies?

Today, businesses can promote themselves while entertaining customers using game wheels that are designed for promotional item giveaways and more. Business owners are able to go beyond the numbers on a wheel and use it to get their customers thinking about their products or services without browbeating them using more traditional advertisements.

Today, game wheels can be designed to accommodate almost any marketing promotion for a business, organization or trade group. They can be used at trade shows, as part of a fundraising effort, and more.

There are white prize wheels that are made with dry erase laminate that provide the ability to use markers to customize the game or the wheel to the businesses specifications. There are also lighted and magnetic game wheels that are eye-catching and popular choices.

Some are made large enough to be placed on the floor and others are small enough to be placed on the top of a table. Game wheels are usually ready to be used upon delivery and come with an adjustable clicker, rubber-tipped pegs, and rubber trim along the edge.

A company can easily put their logo as well as a variety of specifically-designed graphics on their prize wheel in order to create a lasting and positive impression with customers. The number of sections that can be put on the game wheel is also customizable.

Any company or organization looking to promote their products or services should consider using a game wheel as part of their program. These items have been used very successfully to get customers focused on what is being presented to them and keep their attention.