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Adding New Fun to Family Game Night with Lottery Wheels

Here at Spinning Designs, we provide a high-quality, custom-fabricated series of lottery wheels. While we specialize in manufacturing dependable game wheels for professional level needs, we also apply our techniques and manufacturing standards to smaller sizes. Our tabletop prize wheels are a more affordable alternative to our larger production gaming designs. Although these wheels aren’t suitable for all of the same applications, they can provide big-time fun and excitement to your family’s game night.

The standard design of our tabletop prize wheel offers a reduced price for family budgets and do-it-yourself customization capabilities. You can choose to devise a permanent design plan or attach custom choices in a more temporary fashion. Whether you choose to rubber cement permanent options or simply slide in prizes for a single game is completely up to you. The exterior melamine film provides resistance to abrasion and moisture on both sides of the wheel. In addition to accepting adhesives, the surface can also be painted to provide further customization options to our standard variety of lottery wheels.

Friends or family can work together to come up with a game chance to create an activity specifically based on your own interests. Options like “spin the bat” or “bark like a dog” can lend interesting and funny appeal to your family game. Whether you choose to design a family game or an exciting activity for parties and events, lottery wheels can be a big hit with friends and family alike.

For those interested in more, Spinning Designs offers larger gaming wheels in a wide variety of styles. With custom sizing and design options, all varieties of our lottery wheels can be created to your desired specifications. Whether you’re looking for home entertainment or large-scale gaming solutions, Spinning Designs offers choices that can suit any of your individual needs.


A Prize Wheel for Your Restaurant Business

The prize wheel is a wonderful tool for attracting more customers to your restaurant while at the same time encouraging your customers to perhaps order more than they ordinarily would have, knowing that the possibility exists to get part of their meal for free or at a discount.

For example, at the end of the meal, the person paying the check could spin the wheel and whatever section they landed on could be their discount. The wheel could be covered with multiple chances for discounts such as free beverages, a percentage off the meal, a free desert or entrée, or even a big prize like half off the bill or a gift card for the next visit. By offering discounts and prizes, you encourage future patronage of your restaurant by providing good value and positive customer feedback.

For a very small investment, you can add quite a bit of excitement and ensure returning customers to claim their free or discounted prizes from the last visit. There are a variety of sizes, colors, and graphics that can be used on prize wheels to make them attractive and eye-catching. You can even customize your wheel by putting your logo in the center and deciding on how many spaces are on the wheel and what to put in them.

No matter what kind of restaurant you have, the prize wheel will easily add to your revenue and your customers will love the possibility of saving on something they are going to pay for anyway. You will be impressed with the increase in profits you will gain as a result of this very small investment.