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Reeling In Boardwalk Customers with Promotional Prize Wheels

The boardwalk is the center of nightlife in beach towns. As vacationers leave the beach, they will be wandering the boardwalk looking for places to eat and for entertainment as well. However, the crowds start arriving much earlier than when the sun starts to go down. Not everyone wants to risk sunburn on the beach, so many enjoy shopping during the day on the boardwalk itself. The stores offer an opportunity to escape the harsh sun and pick up some unique souvenirs from your stores along the boardwalk. If you want to compete for these customers on the boardwalk, you will need to grab their attention.

Some of the more popular games on the piers on the boardwalk are those that involve promotional prize wheels. These prize wheels typically offer prizes, such as stuffed animals, electronics and candy, for guessing the space the spinner on the wheel will land on. They can be quite expensive to play though. As a retailer, take advantage of your customers’ interests in having a little fun, and add to the fun by offering a way for them to save money as well. Use promotional prize wheels to market your business. Customers can play your prize wheel without spending a cent to spin the wheel. The noise and spinning of the wheel will attract others to come and play.

There are many ways to reward your customers for spinning the wheel. One is to offer a discount percentage for anyone that spins the wheel after dining or shopping at your store. You might also want to give away small products as prizes on your prize wheel, hoping that goodwill will lure those shoppers onto the boardwalk into your store. Some businesses that are on the same block of the boardwalk might even choose to share a prize wheel. The prize wheel will have prizes on it from each store or business, increasing the appeal of spinning the wheel. Every spin of the wheel is a chance for you to attract a new customer to your business. Add lights to your wheel, and it’ll be sure to attract attention.