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Spinning Wheels are a Unique Way to Have Fun

What is it about a spinning wheel that draws attention? Is it the long-running game shows like Wheel of Fortune or The Price is Right that feature fabulous prizes based on the spin of a wheel? It could be Roulette games promising fortunes if the wheel lands in your favor, or just the simplicity of a game that depends on a single spin. It’s easy to understand the rules behind a spinning game, and it feels much more balanced than scratch cards or a lottery. Perhaps it’s even the way in which wheels have always symbolized movement, continuity and prosperity.
No matter what the reasoning behind the attraction, it exists. Why not take advantage of this attraction at your next trade show or event? A large spinning wheel can grab attention from a long way away, and a good hard spin can give you the opportunity to spin out your sales pitch or spin the story of your company. Winning a small item will cause the winner to treasure it more than just grabbing a take-away from your table, and if you attract a crowd with the spinning, it gives you a lot more time for them to see and appreciate your product offerings. So give us a spin.

Promote Your Business with A Spinning Prize Wheel

If you’ve ever been to Las Vegas then chances are you’ve run into a spinning prize wheel. You may have even tried your luck on a few of them, but have you ever thought about how you could use one in promoting your own business? A spinning prize wheel is the perfect marketing tool for any company. With a little bit of creativity, this dynamic marketing tool can help your business next:

• Capture the names and telephone numbers of new customers
• Create a fun and engaging way for adding new store promotions
• Increase foot traffic to your storefront
• Promote new products or services

For a retail setting, placing a spinning prize wheel outside of your storefront will help you to draw in foot traffic that you would not normally get. You could create fun promotional games for kids as well as adults. Having monthly giveaways and incentives for new customers are also great ways to bring in new business. The list of possibilities is as big as your imagination.

If you’re a fitness center, you could use the wheel as a way to give away memberships or create incentives for early payments. Looking for more referrals? Have your clients spin the wheel to win incentives for giving referrals. Use the spinning prize wheel as a way to promote your health products by giving out valuable coupons.

For car dealerships you could send a certificate in the mail to potential buyers, good for one free spin on the wheel offering plenty of prizes and cash incentives to come in and test drive a new car. You could also have a giveaway as well as offer coupons for different car services.

Playing games is not just for kids. Everybody wants to have a little bit of fun and spinning prize wheels are a great way to do just that by engaging your customers and creating a more positive buying experience for them. It creates endless opportunities for attracting new customers, and helps to bring back your repeat clients. Don’t forget to use it as a sales incentive for your employees as a perfect motivational tool to help sell your products.