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One of Our Game Wheels is The Perfect Way to Enhance Your Game Room

Looking to brighten up family game night? Consider the many benefits of having your very own game wheels. Entertaining people can sometimes be a bit of a hassle, especially when they show up unannounced. With game wheels, you never have to worry about scrambling to find a fun activity for everyone to enjoy. Just go into your game room and start having fun.

Transform a room easily with game wheels. These wheels add some fun and entertainment to any room. They literally can turn any room in the house into a game room. These game wheels can work in a company atmosphere too. Find yourself wanting to take a break for a few minutes to do something fun, just to stretch your arms a bit? No problem. These wheels come in all sizes. A simple 24 inch wheel can amuse the smallest office area. Your break room will be a great place for every employee to enjoy their break.

The possibilities of a spinning wheel at home are nearly endless. Imagine having 72, 84, or even 96 inches of spinning fun in your own home. With even smaller sizes to choose from, you shouldn’t have a problem finding the perfect fit for a playroom or den. They are perfect when hosting a family party, as it is appropriate for all ages. Many of our customers love adding some pizazz to their game wheels, with our LED lights.

Some options to having an LED spinning wheel are:

Custom LED Patterns

Custom Patterns and Logo

Own Graphics

Table or Floor Stand

Who said that you had to go on television to participate in a game show? You can do that in your office or home, and add some flavor to it at the same time.  That is the beauty of our game wheels.

LED Lit Prize Wheels Demand Attention

Did you ever notice how the Las Vegas strip is lit up like a Christmas tree? Bright lights naturally demand attention.  That is why; we produce so many different LED lit prize wheels. Our LED lit prize wheels will draw customers towards your business. Our customers have noticed this at their tradeshows, corporate functions, bars, nightclubs, sporting events and even schools. When brightly lit prize wheels bring people over to your booth, or table you can begin to interact with them. Once that conversation begins, a person is much more likely to get involved with your business.

The best thing about our well lit prize wheels is that they can be adjusted to match the needs of your business. We have an expert team of graphic designers. They have the experience it takes to create the most beautiful prize wheels. We encourage you to look around our website and see the different creations that they have produced. They look forward to the back and forth that it takes to meet every prize wheel specification.

Our designers know what it takes to create a successful LED lit prize wheel. For instance, they know the color patterns that will look sharp. If you’re business has particular colors, they will be able to incorporate them in a beautiful pattern. Our designers can inform a business on the perfect size of a prize wheel. Different LED lit prize wheels are used for different purposes. By understanding your needs, they can create the perfect prize wheel.  They can even take your logo and create a line of LED lit prize wheels. Whatever your prize wheel needs, our experts can get the job done.

Use a Spinning Wheel in Your Classroom

Are you a teacher that needs to find a new way to keep your students engaged? Do you find it difficult to keep your students’ attention? One of the most difficult tasks for any teacher is to keep class curriculum both educational and fun. Every productive classroom keeps students interested in the course materials. The question is how do teachers keep their students interested?

Adding a spinning wheel to your classroom is a great way for teachers to show their students how fun learning can be. Using a spinning wheel  from our site will engage your students with a plethora of game options – from spelling games to trivia about science or history. With our ability to make custom wheels and dry erase board wheels, you’ll be able to create any type of game you desire. There are also magnetic boards that can be custom built with graphics. We put you in complete control of your spinning wheel design.

You can make a game where student’s spin the wheel and have to answer questions to score points. Establish a winning point total and give out prizes to the winner. This will make the kids want to answer the questions correctly and enthusiastically. After that game has run its course, you can have end of the month games where students earn spins on the “Prize Wheel.” This way you can establish a long-range of incentives for you students. The options are endless with the wheel, especially if you get a wheel that’s diverse.

With the option of a spinning wheel with a dry erase board, you can change up the wheel to whatever you want. You can even have your students create a game of their own. Their ideas can be limitless. So if you’re struggling to find ways to make your classroom an exciting place, get a spinning wheel to turn up some excitement.