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Using Tabletop Prize Wheels for Your Corporate Function

If you are planning a corporate function but find yourself short on space, consider using tabletop prize wheels to entertain your guests. Tabletop prize wheels, much smaller than traditional, free-standing models, are popular for their ease of portability and storage. They come in a variety of styles, making them perfect for small functions or trade show booths that have limited space.

Mini prize wheels can add fun to any corporate function. They can be placed in several different areas of the venue for different gaming stations, offering everyone a chance to spin a wheel and win a prize.

For corporate prizes, consider offering promotional items, such as clothing or office items that have your company logo. Coupons for local lunch destinations or coffee shops are also appreciated and highly popular prizes at corporate functions.

Tabletop prize wheels are an easy solution for those looking to add some excitement to their event with minimal effort. Thanks to their small size, they arrive fully-assembled and ready to spin. They can be made in different types of materials, including multi-colored and white dry erase varieties. These are great options for those who want to reuse their tabletop wheels for different events, and who want the flexibility that comes with a board that you can redesign again and again.

Small prize wheels also make great corporate gifts. Managers, team members and other staff will appreciate the originality of an easy-to-store wheel. Additionally, they make fun gifts for kids, teachers and anyone who appreciates unique gifts.

If you are looking for an inexpensive addition to your next corporate function, tabletop prize wheels are a simple way to make your event stand out. For venues that are extremely limited on space, you can opt for one or two wheels, or they can be spread throughout several different tables in larger venues for a thrilling effect.

No matter what your next corporate function is, make it memorable by offering excitement and prizes to your clients or employees via tabletop prize wheels. Your guests will appreciate both the prizes they win, and the experience that they have at your event.

Cheap Prize Wheels: A Simple Way to Add Flair to your Next Event

If you are planning an event and looking for a simple way to stand out, consider purchasing a prize wheel. For a small investment, you can include a cheap prize wheel in your entertainment and show your guests that you know how to organize a fun event.

A prize wheel, often referred to as a lottery wheel, is spun by “contestants” who can win a prize based on where the wheel completes the spin. Wheels are available in many different formats, including magnetic dry erase wheels for easily replacing graphics and prize sections, and custom LED lighted prize wheels. With so many variations available, there is a prize wheel that fits well into any event.

Adding flair to your next event is as easy as ordering a spinning prize wheel. By selecting a pre-made version, or by creating your own with a custom design that is built to your specifications, you can add something new and exciting to your event without blowing your planning budget.

When ordering a prize wheel, be sure to include the necessary equipment, including a prize wheel stand and a prize wheel case. If you prefer, many wheels can be mounted directly onto the wall using a prize wheel wall mount. It’s important to get the right equipment for your wheel, as doing so will extend the wheel’s life and keep it safe in between uses.

Don’t struggle any longer with trying to find something new and original for your next event. With a prize wheel, you can dazzle your guests and give them an event to remember. Depending on your budget, and the size of wheel you are looking for, you can have something exciting for any event that you are planning. Your guests will have fun winning prizes, and you can sit back and enjoy the success of your event.

Prize wheels can be purchased online in pre-made or customized forms. If you are unsure of what type of wheel would be best for you, look for a company who can offer suggestions and advice based on your specifications.

Try Something New for your Next Event with Wheels of Fortune

Are you looking for something exciting for your next event? Why have the same old activities when you and your guests can enjoy the fun that comes with wheels of fortune.

Wheels of fortune, also known as prize wheels, can make you stand out in a crowd and increase enthusiasm no matter where you are. Conventions and trade shows are both wonderful opportunities for using wheels of fortune. While other booths and displays may get lost in a sea of people, a large prize wheel stands out in a crowd and generates excitement. By getting people to try their hand at winning prizes, you can draw them into your brand or service and make them excited about it.

For anyone who has been to a trade show or convention, it’s a common complaint that many companies have the same methods of enticing customers to visit their booth, including small giveaways of food or items like pens and stress balls. With a prize wheel, you can offer something different, and encourage people who not have otherwise seen your booth to stop by for a chance to win a fun prize. Having the ability to draw potential customers in is an important step for anyone looking to expand their business and ultimately, their bottom line.

Prize wheels aren’t just for business events, they work very well at parties, fundraising events and church gatherings as well. Perfect for kids and adults of all ages, a brightly colored wheel of fortune packed with exciting prizes is the sure-fire way to increase the excitement and enjoyment of your next event.

It’s important to consider your venue when selecting a prize wheel. If you frequently travel to trade shows and conventions and have ample room in your booth, the largest prize wheels will definitely attract attention. Smaller venues, such as banquet halls or church facilities may want to consider a medium sized wheel. Also, be sure to consider portability issues, as some wheels are large enough to require assistance with set-up and tear-down. No matter what type of prize wheel you decide on, you can have fun and quickly turn any event into an enjoyable party.