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Spin the Wheel Games are Just as Fun at Home as on the Boardwalk

One quick tug on the wheel of a Spin the Wheel game, and the suspense – and fun – begins. Spaces marking big prizes, and a few not-so-big prizes, all roll by. Clicks gradually become further apart as the wheel slows. Players cannot help but smile with anticipation as they wonder where the clicker will land when the wheel finally comes to a stop. Many families experience this excitement at their local summer carnival or on the boardwalk of a nearby beach town, but the fun doesn’t have to stop there. Why not get your very own version for home?

A spinning wheel can be used around the house to determine the genre for a weekly movie night, what board game to play on a rainy afternoon, or who chooses the restaurant for Sunday lunch. With our Spin the Wheel games, families can have their very own wheel that will do just that.

image of prize wheel

Just like the “Spin the Wheel” games that families love to play on the boardwalk, custom prize wheels can be ordered for home use. Any type of prize or task can easily be written, placed, or printed into the wheel’s open panels.


Families who want a wheel with a single purpose, such as choosing a child’s reward for chores done well, can select a pre-printed model. When ordering, customers select each element – text, color, style, images, and theme – to suit their needs and taste. Therefore, football enthusiasts can have the colors of their favorite college team, science fiction fans can have an image of outer space as a backdrop, and parents can make a chore-free day one of the prizes.  You can even place a family photo in the center logo area if that’s what you want!

Some customers may want more versatility than our printed models offer. For them, we have models that feature dry erase boards and magnetic frames for using different inserts, making changing text and switching illustrations easy. Customers print the graphics they want from their home computer. The frames are even strong enough to hold gift cards or Blu-Rays!  With that versatility available, the same Spin the Wheel game that sports a superhero or princess theme for a child’s birthday party one day can be adapted for a neighborhood backyard barbecue or baby shower later.

With so many possible uses, our customers can incorporate their wheel into just about any lifestyle. No matter how they use it, they’ll create fun and fond memories with every spin.