Give Customers a Night to Remember with a Prize Wheel!

Imagine walking into your favorite bar; the lights are dimmed, the music is thumping in your chest, and your favorite bartender is already waiting with an ice cold glass and a smile. The night is young and anything can happen. Part of the appeal is the unknown as the whisper of “you only live once” echoes through the crowd.

As the owner, you strive to show customers the time of their life and hope that the experience isn’t a one-time affair. You’re giving them something unique each night, and they don’t know what kind of amazing adventures they might undergo before dawn.

Your bartender is not only being paid to make cocktails, but also to make an atmosphere that will lure them back again and again. What better way to keep customers guessing than to have one of our Dry Erase Prize Wheels on your wall.

These dry erase prize wheels are so versatile that you can use them for all of your demographics, and have the freedom to change prizes or drinks as often as you want. You can write in fun bar games, offer discounts, or fill in the sections with different drinks and give a “bartender’s special” on the winning slot for a period of time. Run out of a certain brand? No worries! The marker can be easily erased and replaced with something else so that no customer is disappointed!

Or better still; hold off on the more expensive winnings until the end of the night to ensure that customers stay until closing. End the night with a half an hour of open bar or Customer’s Choice.

On the Dry Erase prize wheel we also include custom graphics that can incorporate business logos so that everyone visiting your display remembers who had that great game and gave away the best prizes.


Boost Your Business with Catchy Lottery Wheels

Don’t forget to play!  Get your game on!  Have some fun already!  Just Play!  Every state has their own lottery slogan.  What better way to compliment one game is to add another?

It doesn’t matter how many super storms rage through, how deep our financial depression goes, or how high unemployment rises, people will still dig their hands in their pockets and find opportunity in a few singles.

One of the best ways to guarantee and even boost sales is to buy our Lottery Wheels.  What better way to keep customers happy than to offer then another shot at winning on one of our custom wheels?

image of lottery wheel

A custom lottery wheel from is a great way to boost business!

It can say the particular lottery in the center or even a store logo on a stationary logo plate, giving your game a touch of your business’s personal flavor and showing off State Pride!

State Lotteries all over the country are catching on to this idea.  Sales are rising and customers are flocking to those particular stores who carry these lottery wheels.  Let’s face it, people who buy lottery tickets know better than to pass up this chance.  Who knows; maybe we’ll start seeing flyers for “Spinners Anonymous” soon!  You never know!

Raise the Stakes with a Prize Wheel in Your Man Cave

Every man deserves his own space; a place he can do up and not have to worry about the repercussions of his girlfriend, wife or mother and their female ideas as to what interior design would work best.

Over the last few years, the items that men put in their cave have become more and more extravagant from kegs and big screens to deer heads and putting greens.  Time to raise the stakes.  Why not get something the boys will be jealous over for years to come?  Add a Prize Wheel to the list of those masculine accessories and see how boy’s night out turns into boy’s night in.

Let’s beef up that card game with one of our Game Wheels, including Lottery Wheels, Dice Wheels and Roulette Wheels, guaranteed to take it up a notch from the other guy’s boring card table.

Image of prize wheel

Take a shot with a prize wheel for your man cave.

Do you and your buddies spend time at the bar in your mantuary?  Imagine you’re very own shot wheel right on the wall.  Did your buddy lose a bet?  Spin the wheel and see what poison he’ll drink next or what punishment he will have to endure.  Custom or not, we can make your wheel Dry Erase so you can change anything instantly.

Have an idea of your own?  Want a spinning dart board or a custom design of your friend’s faces?  Not a problem!  You will work hand in hand with our graphic designers to ensure it’s exactly what you want.  Because you’re the man, and what you say goes when it comes to your designs.

Because our wheels are easy to customize, you can instantly change things around to match whatever kind of activity you’re participating in. This also makes them perfect for those occasions when you let the kids hang out with you in your man-zone or if your woman comes in to clean.  (Yeah, right!)

Attract a Crowd at Your Trade Show with a Tabletop Prize Wheel

If you are planning to rent a space at your next industry trade show, it is important to make your booth stand out among the rest. Trade shows are very popular events for companies who want to promote a new product, increase brand recognition, and connect with clients and other businesses in their industry, but creating a booth that stands out among the rest can be a very expensive task if you are not creative. With so many different approaches to take, you might be tempted into renting projectors, computers, and all types of different technologically-advanced tools to stand out. Rather than spend money on expensive gadgets that may not attract customers, why not use a tabletop prize wheel?

Get the Attention You Deserve at Your Next Trade Show Event

There is no denying that people enjoy playing games when there is a prize to be won. When there are dozens and dozens of different companies all competing for attention at an event, why not give people what they want? Customers will be excited to visit your booth, hear what you have to say, and try their turn at spinning a prize wheel in exchange for their time. Prize wheels are interactive tools that everyone can enjoy. They offer you a creative opportunity to interact face-to-face with your potential customers and are sure to capture the attention of a large crowd in a trade show.

Designing your booth is not all fun and games–it takes a lot of planning and can be a huge responsibility when you are not creative or prepared. If you want to draw attention to your booth and build brand recognition, invest in a tabletop prize wheel that is portable and fun. At Spinning Designs, we offer a wide selection of prize wheels to suit any need or budget.

Don’t invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in expensive attractions that will not win people over. Choose our prize wheels and get the response you need to earn a return on your trade show investment.

Promote Your Restaurant or Bar with a Dry Erase Prize Wheel

Running a bar or restaurant is one of the most rewarding and difficult things that you will ever do. Those that have worked in the food industry for a number of years will know that patrons are finicky creatures. People tend to visit bars and restaurants that they are familiar with and where they feel comfortable. Opening a new restaurant is a tricky thing because customers might want to wait until they see how others feel before trying it out for themselves. Hosting promotional events is one of the easiest ways to get new customers through the door.

Everyone likes free stuff, even if the items are basic and simple; people get excited when a company gives out key chains or when their doctor hands them a free pen and the same thing applies to bars and restaurants. People with experience in the industry know how hard it is for people to turn down a discount or giveaway. One easy way to launch a promotion is to use a dry erase spinning prize wheel. The wheel has colored spaces where you can feature different prizes. When you need to change the promotion in the future, simply wipe off the erasable marker and start again.

Let’s say that you run a restaurant. You can use the prize wheel to offer discounts to your customers. One space might give the spinner a free meal, another treats them to a free dessert, and a third space offers a free appetizer. You can also skip the free prizes and instead offer discounts like buy one meal, get one at half price. Some restaurants find that using a mixture of free prizes and discounts is the best way to increase sales.

Those who own or run a bar can also use one of these devices. Who wouldn’t love to walk into a bar and get the chance to win a free drink? Using a mixture of prizes will increase the number of customers inside the bar even more. Patrons might win a free drink, a small gift certificate to the bar or promotional items like a shot or pub glass. Everyone who hears about the promotion will want to come in and give the wheel a spin.

A dry erase prize wheel is the perfect way for bars and restaurants to attract customers. With a promotional wheel, patrons will want to come into your establishment and, moreover, they’ll want to come back!

Prize Wheels Can Accomplish Anything!

Whether you’re looking to promote your business or are throwing a carnival night at the local school, it is important to have different ways to engage onlookers and bring them closer to your activity. When you are giving away items and want the people to generate interest in the products you are giving away, possibly the best way to go about doing this is with a prize wheel.

Prize wheels are similar to the large ones you’ll see on a game show, and there is different information on the individual spaces of the wheel. After the wheel is spun, the arrow will point to a specific prize or object, showcasing what the player has won. When putting on your own game, you will want to be able to highlight specific information, which is why it’s a great idea to purchase a customizable prize wheel for such an event.

With the prize wheel, you’re able to insert your own graphics so that, whether you are giving away a $5 gift card or a trip to the Bahamas, it is possible to display that information right on the slot. With this type of wheel, you can handwrite all information or print the content and insert it into the desired space. No matter what you’re looking for or what kind of material you’re looking to give away, you can showcase on the game wheel.

When you want an energetic and engaging wheel, there are lighted options that bring the glitz of Vegas right to your own game. There are even giant wheels, stretching all the way up to 96-inches in diameter, so that no matter what you want to have on display, it is possible to showcase it for the entire group to see. If you don’t have the space for a humongous structure, a tabletop wheel can attract attention and be easy to transport and set up.

Whatever the purpose of your promotion, whether it is a booth at a fair or a giveaway in a store, you can attract the attention you want with the right prize wheel. Check out your options and purchase the one that suits your needs the best!



Promoting your Business with Game Wheels

One of the things most businesses are looking for these days are new and different ways to market their products or services. The roulette wheel is something that has been popular with people since 18th century France. Though, it has changed quite a bit since then, the thrill and anticipation of winning has made roulette a popular game to play. Wouldn’t many business owners want to provide their customers with the opportunity to experience the thrill and excitement of playing a roulette wheel, while at the same time promoting their companies?

Today, businesses can promote themselves while entertaining customers using game wheels that are designed for promotional item giveaways and more. Business owners are able to go beyond the numbers on a wheel and use it to get their customers thinking about their products or services without browbeating them using more traditional advertisements.

Today, game wheels can be designed to accommodate almost any marketing promotion for a business, organization or trade group. They can be used at trade shows, as part of a fundraising effort, and more.

There are white prize wheels that are made with dry erase laminate that provide the ability to use markers to customize the game or the wheel to the businesses specifications. There are also lighted and magnetic game wheels that are eye-catching and popular choices.

Some are made large enough to be placed on the floor and others are small enough to be placed on the top of a table. Game wheels are usually ready to be used upon delivery and come with an adjustable clicker, rubber-tipped pegs, and rubber trim along the edge.

A company can easily put their logo as well as a variety of specifically-designed graphics on their prize wheel in order to create a lasting and positive impression with customers. The number of sections that can be put on the game wheel is also customizable.

Any company or organization looking to promote their products or services should consider using a game wheel as part of their program. These items have been used very successfully to get customers focused on what is being presented to them and keep their attention.

Achieve Maximum Exposure with Our Promotional Prize Wheels

If you have been thinking about how you can squeeze every last drop of exposure out of every single dollar that you spend on marketing, then you should be looking into promotional prize wheels. Regardless of what type of event you are planning to use the prize wheel for, getting your custom logo on the wheel will give you unmatched brand exposure.

We can place your logo in the center of the promotional prize wheel, which will give you optimal results for all of your marketing spend. We offer so many different design options that the possibilities are limitless. If you have an idea of what graphics you want in the center of the wheel, we can get those graphics placed on it for you. We offer an incredibly wide range of promotional prize wheels that appeal to your customized brand message.

If you decide that you want a magnetic logo, we have you covered. Our magnetic prize wheels are made with a metal layer, which is covered entirely with dry erase vinyl. You even have to choice to add magnetic graphics if you wish. All of the sizes and sections of the wheel can be optimized for your company message.

All of our wheels come ready to spin, and they come with rubber tipped pegs, a table stand, rubber trim and a clicker that is adjustable. For the ultimate level of exposure, we offer lighted promotional wheels, which will shock and amaze your prospects, while also displaying your brand’s message. There truly is no limit to the amount of customization that you can get from our promotional prize wheels.

Since we are a company ourselves, we understand how important it is to get the most bang for your buck. We want to ensure that every marketing dollar that you spend with us is compensated with maximum results.

We understand how important it is to get the most exposure possible for your brand and your message. We only use the highest-quality parts for every single prize wheel that we create. If you want to make sure you get the maximum amount of exposure for every penny spent, then you will choose to purchase your promotional prize wheels from Spinning Designs.


The Lure of the Prize Wheel

If you have ever attended a carnival or local fair, you have probably heard the clicking and clacking of a prize wheel being spun. You have probably also seen the crowds that surround the wheel hoping to win a prize. As a business owner, you may be envious of those crowds because they represent potential income. Well, why can’t what is successful at a carnival work for your business? The answer is that there is no reason why it can’t succeed, and there are many reasons why it can. The key is to use a promotional prize wheel effectively to attract customers to your business.

One of the first keys is to make sure people know about your prize wheel. If you are in a popular shopping area, a huge wheel is not necessary. Instead one that makes a lot of noise will draw attention. If your location is more remote, you may want to choose a large prize wheel to draw attention. The sight of a customer spinning a giant wheel will get people to pause and look out of curiosity.

Creativity does not stop with the design of the prize wheel itself. Choosing what your company will award on the prize wheel is just as important. Choose prizes that you know your customers will want. These can range from free products to discounts or gift cards to spend at your store. Ask neighboring businesses to join you in the fun of operating the prize wheel. Ask them to donate prizes as well and help operate the wheel. This will allow you to attract their customers as well, especially if they win a prize.

Customers will not just fall out of the sky. You have to come up with ways to attract them to your door. The promotional prize wheel is not costly to operate and will draw a lot of attention. More attention means more customers, and more customers means more potential income.


Adding New Fun to Family Game Night with Lottery Wheels

Here at Spinning Designs, we provide a high-quality, custom-fabricated series of lottery wheels. While we specialize in manufacturing dependable game wheels for professional level needs, we also apply our techniques and manufacturing standards to smaller sizes. Our tabletop prize wheels are a more affordable alternative to our larger production gaming designs. Although these wheels aren’t suitable for all of the same applications, they can provide big-time fun and excitement to your family’s game night.

The standard design of our tabletop prize wheel offers a reduced price for family budgets and do-it-yourself customization capabilities. You can choose to devise a permanent design plan or attach custom choices in a more temporary fashion. Whether you choose to rubber cement permanent options or simply slide in prizes for a single game is completely up to you. The exterior melamine film provides resistance to abrasion and moisture on both sides of the wheel. In addition to accepting adhesives, the surface can also be painted to provide further customization options to our standard variety of lottery wheels.

Friends or family can work together to come up with a game chance to create an activity specifically based on your own interests. Options like “spin the bat” or “bark like a dog” can lend interesting and funny appeal to your family game. Whether you choose to design a family game or an exciting activity for parties and events, lottery wheels can be a big hit with friends and family alike.

For those interested in more, Spinning Designs offers larger gaming wheels in a wide variety of styles. With custom sizing and design options, all varieties of our lottery wheels can be created to your desired specifications. Whether you’re looking for home entertainment or large-scale gaming solutions, Spinning Designs offers choices that can suit any of your individual needs.