Use a Spinning Wheel in Your Classroom

Are you a teacher that needs to find a new way to keep your students engaged? Do you find it difficult to keep your students’ attention? One of the most difficult tasks for any teacher is to keep class curriculum both educational and fun. Every productive classroom keeps students interested in the course materials. The question is how do teachers keep their students interested?

Adding a spinning wheel to your classroom is a great way for teachers to show their students how fun learning can be. Using a spinning wheel ¬†from our site will engage your students with a plethora of game options – from spelling games to trivia about science or history. With our ability to make custom wheels and dry erase board wheels, you’ll be able to create any type of game you desire. There are also magnetic boards that can be custom built with graphics. We put you in complete control of your spinning wheel design.

You can make a game where student’s spin the wheel and have to answer questions to score points. Establish a winning point total and give out prizes to the winner. This will make the kids want to answer the questions correctly and enthusiastically. After that game has run its course, you can have end of the month games where students earn spins on the “Prize Wheel.” This way you can establish a long-range of incentives for you students. The options are endless with the wheel, especially if you get a wheel that’s diverse.

With the option of a spinning wheel with a dry erase board, you can change up the wheel to whatever you want. You can even have your students create a game of their own. Their ideas can be limitless. So if you’re struggling to find ways to make your classroom an exciting place, get a spinning wheel to turn up some excitement.