Engage Your Audience with a Promotional Prize Wheel

Introducing a new product in your store is a pivotal time for any business. It’s important for the debuting product to garner interest, but attracting customers isn’t always easy. A quick glance isn’t likely to prompt someone to purchase, so attracting enough attention to cause shoppers to stop and examine your product is essential. A promotional prize wheel is an excellent tool for drawing attention and encouraging customer interaction.

Our promotional prize wheel designs include a number of colors and features that can be used to get your message across. Graphics can be customized, and magnetic wheels are great for facilitating frequent changes. Lighted wheel designs provide extra flair for the business that is located in an upbeat environment. They are also great for tradeshows or other venues where there is a lot of competition for customers’ attention.

The selection of a promotional prize wheel for special events is often associated with contests and giveaways. While this is an excellent use of the tool, there are other applications. The movement of the wheel is great for attracting interest. Use it to feature benefits of a new product or service, spinning at various points in a presentation to select the next highlight to explain. It’s also possible to use this presentation prop to point out the scope of the audience that will benefit from receiving your product as a gift.

The spin to win concept is fun, and providing prospective customers with a spin on a promotional prize wheel upon completion of a purchase can elicit even more sales. Prizes may range from simple items like pens and t-shirts to luxury options, such as gift cards and vacations. Make the most of the opportunity to debut a new product successfully by engaging those who might otherwise walk away.