The Lure of the Prize Wheel

If you have ever attended a carnival or local fair, you have probably heard the clicking and clacking of a prize wheel being spun. You have probably also seen the crowds that surround the wheel hoping to win a prize. As a business owner, you may be envious of those crowds because they represent potential income. Well, why can’t what is successful at a carnival work for your business? The answer is that there is no reason why it can’t succeed, and there are many reasons why it can. The key is to use a promotional prize wheel effectively to attract customers to your business.

One of the first keys is to make sure people know about your prize wheel. If you are in a popular shopping area, a huge wheel is not necessary. Instead one that makes a lot of noise will draw attention. If your location is more remote, you may want to choose a large prize wheel to draw attention. The sight of a customer spinning a giant wheel will get people to pause and look out of curiosity.

Creativity does not stop with the design of the prize wheel itself. Choosing what your company will award on the prize wheel is just as important. Choose prizes that you know your customers will want. These can range from free products to discounts or gift cards to spend at your store. Ask neighboring businesses to join you in the fun of operating the prize wheel. Ask them to donate prizes as well and help operate the wheel. This will allow you to attract their customers as well, especially if they win a prize.

Customers will not just fall out of the sky. You have to come up with ways to attract them to your door. The promotional prize wheel is not costly to operate and will draw a lot of attention. More attention means more customers, and more customers means more potential income.


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